JGH & LAWYERS in Madrid, is an office that offers legal services to individuals. The firm is primarily oriented to advise, in a comprehensive manner, in all areas of the Individuals Law.

At JGH & ABOGADOS we offer legal services to individuals, a comprehensive advice so that the client can feel backed to initiate any business or personal activity to overcome with tranquillity and security all of the possible conflicts or disputes that may be affected by.

We understand that the prevention is essential in the advice we provide our clients. A good contract or a detailed study can avoid future disputes. We believe in the negotiation as a tool for agile and efficient solutions to problems and, of course, we believe in a personal treatment with the client as an essential base to create a relationship of trust that helps to grant an exhaustive work, of quality and compromised.

Among the legal services to individuals that our law firm in Madrid holds, we highlight: